oh time, would you please slow down?

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As I write this, my 3 older kids are out of the house. Nathan just left for Macau for a mission trip, Janina is in Caliraya for the summer boot camp and Ryan is at his best friend, David’s house. (While Joaquin is in the room with me chanting Miska, Muska Mickey Mouse 🙂 ) This brings me back to the nights when our kids didn’t want to sleep in their own room, always wanting to be with us even at night. And even when they were already tucked in their beds, they would constantly find reasons to get up and come to our room, like being thirsty or getting an insect bite. But tonight, and the following nights, I will miss those disturbances. Last Sunday, Janina gave away one of her most prized toy collections, The Littlest Petshop, to her cousin. How was it that she was able to […]

what matters most

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When I attended a wedding in Ayala Alabang Country Club a few weeks ago, the ballroom next to our venue was holding a really big birthday party for a girl in her tweens. The ballroom was all dressed up in a Popstar theme and I told Paolo that this was the sort of party our daughter will enjoy. This sort of party must have cost a lot! How I wished at that moment that I could afford that kind of extravagance. To be honest, there are so many things i want to give my children that I really can’t afford right now. But it helps to always keep things in perspective. The most important things that our kids really need are not bought with money. They are not expensive. In fact, they’re free! They need our love, our time, our affirmation, our comfort, our encouragement and most of all they […]

do we pass the test?

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Yesterday, some of you might have read on my Facebook status that I have written “So many things went wrong today, but still, God is good.” Top of the list was Ryan accidentally spilled water on their laptop. We immediately brought it to a Powermac service center, and found out that to have everything repaired will cost us more than P60,000! How ridiculous is that! But that’s not my point today 😉 Things like these will test our character, our values and our priorities. Here is my husband’s insightful blog about the whole incident.

what really matters

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Moms, at this time and age, there are so many things that fight for our attention, energy and resources. Gone are the days when a normal family spends time together every night just talking over dinner and weekends just unwinding at home. There are days when I am out for the most part, and when I get home my celphone rings and my laptop calls out to me and it takes a big, big effort for me to set these gadgets aside and focus on my family. I realize that it if I don’t have my priorities in order, I can easily waste my time on things that really don’t matter. Once in a while, it’s good to ask ourselves these questions: What will really matter at the end of my life on earth? Will what I am giving attention to now still be important then? Or, will I be […]