The Rebellious Teen

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    As I write this, Nathan is 20 years old, Janina is 17, Ryan is 13 and Joaquin is 7. I guess you could say that I have substantial experience in the teenage department. To be honest, I really expected to have a lot of rough patches in raising our teenagers.  That is because of the many horror stories I’ve heard and read. And frankly, because of my own experience as well. However, now that my eldest is 20 and my 2nd child is 17, one thing I’ve realized is this: rebellion doesn’t have to be the story of your teen. No matter what other parents have told you, no matter how the world has labeled teens, no matter what you have seen in the movies, it is possible to have teenagers who are loving, obedient, respectful and responsible. I know this because in spite of all the fights and arguments I’ve […]