critical thinking

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True or False. Animals cannot create things. This was one question on Ryan’s science quiz on which we had a discussion. The teacher’s guide said that it was TRUE, but Ryan insisted that it was FALSE. I gave Ryan the chance to explain why he said the statement was FALSE. He said that birds make their own nests and beavers build their own dams, so in that sense, animals can create things. He did have a point, so for that, I marked his answer correct. (One of the reasons why I love homeschooling 🙂 ) As his homeschool teacher, it is easy to mark his mistakes wrong because the answer key says so. But I want more for him than just accepting what the books say. I want him to think and process every information that he comes across with. I need to be secure when my kids challenge me, […]

counting the cost

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Ryan (8 yrs old): Mom, how much does it cost to take care of a baby? Me: Just for milk and diapers alone, you’d probably need P5,000 a month. And then there are clothes, doctors visits, etc. Ryan: (deep in thought) I don’t think I’m ready to have a baby.

sorry kuya

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Ryan was so excited to discover 4 new sea monkeys in his mini aquarium when Joaquin accidentally knocked the whole thing over! As Ryan was crying, I told Joaquin to apologize to his kuya and kidded him that he had to give him money to buy new ones. Joaquin apologized and quickly disappeared. The next thing I saw was Joaquin giving his whole piggy bank to Ryan.

a really busy God

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“Mom, what exactly is God doing at this time?” Ryan asked me this question out of the blue. I didn’t know how to even begin to answer his question. I can only imagine how busy God is. I started off by saying that God holds the earth and all the billion planets and stars in place, making sure that we are all safe. If the earth moves just a few inches closer or farther from the sun, we’ll all die. God is also watching all His children, protecting us from harm. He is also busy listening to millions, even billions of people praying at this particular time. Whew! And I just barely scratched the surface. Before I could go on, Ryan asked “How can God do all of those?” I was happy for this opportunity to tell Ryan how big our God is, that He is the Almighty God, capable […]