family bond

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Our kids are ages 15, 11, 7 and 2. Obviously, they are spaced quite far apart from each other. Some parents prefer their kids to be closer together in age so that they can grow up together and enjoy the same things together, which makes a great point. But we decided we wanted to devote ample time to enjoy each of our children in their toddler years, hence the age gaps of our children. Though each of our kids have their own “barkada” or peer group, and they’re into different extra-curricular activities, and though they have moments of disagreements (sometimes more than i can handle), people are always surprised to see how close they are to each other. Once, we were out of town, our good friend Janelle watched the kids for us and told us how she was amazed at how the kids were affectionate to each other. But […]


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The last thing the party host said was “Goodbye everyone! And you can take all the balloons you want!”. Ryan immediately ran to the front and grabbed one of the 2 big balloon arrangements decorating the stage. The first thing that entered my mind was “Why in the world would you want to bring that home?” He got different kinds of stares from people as he walked across the party hall carrying that big balloon tower, that was at the very least twice his size. Some looked amused, some looked puzzled, but he couldn’t care less. All he thought was “I’m bringing these balloons home!” The balloons wouldn’t even fit in our car. Luckily, the party was just in our village so he actually walked home with it. And then as if that wasn’t enough, he came back to get the other balloon tower! Now his room is filled with […]


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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Punzalan, As part of our ongoing communication with each parent, here’s an update on your child’s progress during the 3rd quarter. Below is a story that I would like to share with you regarding Ryan. I hope that this will give you a glimpse of how he is doing in school. Thank you and God bless! In Christ, Ms. Jas — Everyone was so excited to open their gifts during the Christmas Party. When they had opened it, their attention was only on the gift they had received. They were so happy and I couldn’t even get their attention back. Realizing that I wouldn’t be able to get their attention again, I decided to just give them the rest of the time to play and enjoy the gifts they got. When it was time for them to go, Ryan stayed in the classroom for a while […]

true riches

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Paolo and the kids were driving through one of the exclusive subdivisions in Makati yesterday. Janina commented that a lot of rich people probably live in those big houses. To this, Ryan said “I may not be rich with money but I am rich with God’s presence.” What a profound truth from a 7-yr old. There are a lot of wealthy people out there who don’t enjoy real peace, joy and security that can only come from the presence of God.  God’s presence offers us more than what money can buy. It is never too early to teach our kids that money is not the answer to everything. True riches is not worldy wealth. True riches are what only God can provide… our salvation, grace, faith, a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

caring for others

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I know my kids are not perfect. In fact, I’d be the first one to tell you that they are far from being perfect. But I still love to brag about them anyway. 😀 Below is a story that Ryan’s Grade 1 Adviser shared with Paolo and me: I gave the class an assignment about “Animals and Their Young”. In class, I told the class to share and discuss their homework with their classmates. Most of the kids were busy sharing their work with one another and some of them were standing in front of me, waiting for their turn to ask me a question. Ryan was one of those students. Suddenly, Reuben came to me and said, “Ms. Jas, nobody wants to share their homework with me.” He said these words with a gloomy face. When Ryan heard Reuben, he immediately turned to him and said, “Here, look at […]

4 types of parents

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Two weeks ago, I took Ryan to the dentist because I noticed that his permanent teeth were coming out but the milk teeth were still very much intact. The dentist recommended that 3 milk teeth be pulled out to give way for the new ones. As she explained that she would have to administer anesthesia injections, Ryan started to cry and just wanted me to take him home. As a mom, I was faced with a decision. A dominant parent would say “You’re being a baby! Just stop crying, sit still and let the dentist do her job!” A permissive parent would say “Oh son, I don’t want you to cry. Let’s just go home and forget all about the dentist.” A neglectful parent would say “Oh fine! Do what you want to do! I really don’t care what happens to your teeth!” A loving parent would say “I know […]