tgft by my 14-yr old son, nathan

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TGFT: Thank God for That! “Kuya, what’s an orphanage?” Ryan asked me yesterday in Chowking when we saw these kids in orange shirts playing song with cheap instruments asking for donations for their orphanage. That’s when I realized that we’re so blessed. (Not that I’m discriminating or anything.) I looked at my wonderful parents who take care of me everyday and love me unconditionally, no matter what. They sent me that smile I see everyday. I never get sawa of that heartwarming smile. I looked at my table. Orange chicken, one of my favorite foods was sitting there with too much rice, as usual. That’s something we may take for granted, too. When I get home from school almost every day, I rush to the snackbox and eat a couple ofTTGTt bags of chips or an overflowing bowl of Cocoa Pebbles. Thank God for that. After that, I drag my […]